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Mission Statement
Waggin’ Tails Healthy Pet Products is committed to provide you with the most up to date nutritional information available for your Best Friend. We will make available to you websites, videos, and product information for you to have the information you need to feed your pet healthy. After all, the reason we get our furry family members is to enjoy their personalities and love them as they unconditionally love us. Waggin’ Tails Healthy Pet Products believes that “A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet”. A happy pet is a happy owner. Feeding your pet the best nutritional foods, that you can afford, is the best way to keep them healthy as long as possible. We will supply you with what we believe to be the best nutritional, healthiest, complete Raw Meat Diets. Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F.), it’s what your pet ate before there was kibble. But if you still want to feed kibble, no problem. We will continue to add Grain Free Kibble, along with no Corn, Soy, or Wheat products. Waggin’ Tails Healthy Pet Products will continue to satisfy your pets desire for treats with lots of raw bones, freeze dried raw products, such as Turkey & Pig Hearts, rabbit, buffalo, salmon, training treats and Green “Beef Tripe” both frozen & freeze dried. Our goal is for your pet to not only enjoy every bite of his/her food & treats, but to become healthy, too. Enjoy your Pet, 
“Feed them WELL!”